My name is Angie.

I am a mother of two lovely children, Rob and Mumpel, aged twelve and eight. I am also a wife to my wonderful husband Tom. We origin from germany but currently live in Bristol, UK. Update: In May 2015 we have moved to the countryside of Belgium, close to the german border. We might stay here for a couple of years, we might move on someday, but right now we all, and especially the kids, feel good here.

This blog is about natural learning as well as about our family's adventures and travels. It started out with my wish to keep track of the kids' learning activities. I wanted them to be able to see what they have accomplished and learned. We love to see our kids learn naturally, being able to meet their interests and spending joyful times with them. I myself have learnt that learning cannot be separated from life itself and therefore I began to write about our family's activities and travels as well.

All four of us like travelling and seeing new places. We believe we can all learn many new things by exploring parts of the world. To us, it's not about seeing a whole lot of places in a short time but to connect with the place we travel to, getting to know the people, visiting cultural places as well as nature, museums, playgrounds and much more. We are not longterm travellers but whenever we get the chance to travel we do so!

We do include Waldorf elements to our curriculum. My kids have been to a Waldorf school for some years and they did really like most of the curriculum. We all take interest in Steiners approach to learning and when Rob and Mumpel do their booklets they do it joyfully and take pride in them. 

I have created this blog for my children. I do think they will enjoy looking at and remembering the things they were up to while growing up. And I have created it for myself as well. I found out I love writing this kind of blog diary. It makes me aware of our passions and our life and I quite like that! I'm grateful for our many memories and stories that we live to see together.

This blog usually shows parts of our adventures in life. It is our way in life. It only reflects the paths of the four of us. We are happy for any friends who are interested in what we do. Thank you for your comments, thoughts and opinions as they allow us to get to know you better and connect with you.




  1. Schön, euch kennenzulernen! Immer, wenn ich ein bisschen Freizeit habe, wühle ich mich durch eure Posts. Wir arbeiten sehr ähnlich, wie man ja schon am Blog-Hintergrundbild sieht, und das ist nicht nur außergewöhnlich, sondern auch sehr interessant!
    Danke für die Inspiration und weiter so!
    Liebe Grüße, Karin

    1. Danke liebe Karin, ich hole mir bei Euch auch gern Inspirationen! Ich finds auch wichtig und schön, sich bei unserem gemeinsamen Thema durch das Bloggen, austauschen zu können und eine Art Zusammenhalt zu spüren. Liebe Grüße in den Süden und bis bald! Angie

  2. Hallo Angie,
    ich bin Freilerner-Mama eines 9-jährigen Buben. Wir leben in Ö (NÖ), und es interessiert mich wie und wo andere Freilerner-Familien leben. Du hast hier eine sehr bunte und ansprechende Seite kreiert - gefällt mir! Ich wünsche euch alles Gute auf eurem Weg!
    Liebe Grüße, Heidi

    1. Liebe Heidi, es freut mich, Dich kennenzulernen. Danke sehr, wie schön, dass Dir unsere Seite gefällt! Ja, ich bin auch immer an Kontakten zu anderen Freilernern interessiert, habt Ihr auch einen Blog? Wie gestaltet Ihr Euer freies Lernen? Liebe Grüße an Euch, Angie


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