Wooden letters - Holzbuchstaben

Reading with wooden letters

This is one of the favorite ways of reading for my daughter. We've got this little case with wooden letters in it which she can arrange words out of or we do it the other way around and I arrange the words that she reads. Always big fun for us. 

Diese Holzbuchstaben bringt Mumpel mir oft um ihr Worte zu legen die sie dann lesen kann. Es ist im Moment ihr Lieblingsspiel um lesen zu lernen, auch wenn sie die Buchstaben derzeit noch mehr aneinanderreiht als zu lesen.


  1. That's cool. Where did you buy it? nik :)

  2. Thank you! Actually my mother in law gave it to us as a present but I found it on Amazon as well. Take a look: http://www.amazon.de/small-foot-design-W%C3%B6rter-legen/dp/B000LQBL6A/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1357551798&sr=8-2 Angie


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